Technology – Boon or Bane in a Relationship?

There are times when my husband and I sit in the evenings, busy on our laptops or mobiles. Since both of us enjoy reading, we break our silence to read out little snippets or interesting pieces of information. Thus, technology has enhanced our relationship, instead of taking away from it. How has technology affected your relationship? 

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June 7, 2017


  1. Being from two different states, technology played its part in helping me to adjust with my husband as we interacted a lot on phone & sometimes on Facebook messenger during our courtship days. It helped us to know each other better. *p*

  2. I have always seen the positives of technology. Before marriage, we had to depart to different states for around a year for some reason and technology was all what kept us going. It helped us keep in touch with each other through Skype and other such sites. It is a boon for sure.*p*