That internal male chauvinist

I know this certain guy in my life who for the entire world pretends to be pro-feminist, and best hubby of world. But I know the inside truth. He ignores if his wife receives awards at office or compliments. I have noticed it in his remarks about women too where he believes women to be good, just not that good. Her wife doesn’t know how to deal with this hypocrisy

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Aman Singh
September 2, 2017


  1. I feel it is a weakness of that person. You don’t need to deal with it. If someone is jealous, arrogant, cruel, full of anger, etc. Then it is that person who has to identify his weakness and to deal with it. Sameway hypocrisy is his weakness, let he himself deal with it. You know about it, you be careful with him. Why one has to take personally about weakness of others. Let it be. Ignore weaknesses of others. If they want to improve then help them else let they love their life and we live ours. 🙂

  2. Hypocrites are great people to deal with. But do not if you are in love with his wife. Just act as if you do not know what he does or behaves like. Concentrate on his wife.

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