The art of listening

Relationships can work wonderfully when partners are good listeners. The art of listening helps people talk less and listen more. Many problems can be averted just by listening to what the partner has to say. Arguments take a nasty shape when a person does not pay attention to what the partner wants to say, by interrupting or forming an opinion without listening to the entire discussion.

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Ranjana Kamo
August 16, 2017


  1. Hridaan and acmann, it is very true that listening to your partner is important for a healthy relationship.

  2. Yes. Everyone feels that speaking is more important. Listening is a lost art.

    Proving ourselves right is always given more priority than solving an issue. Ego wins. Relationship loses. People need to learn to control their ego and listen to their partner.

  3. The thing is when it comes to relationships, we think so emotionally that we fail to listen. The point you are making is very true. You need to listen at times. It will solve half your issues.

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