The Feeling of Lost Love

What if love just ceases to exist? There is no such problem per say, but I think we just do not love each other anymore. What should we do? We have tried everything to rekindle the relationship but failed.

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Nitin Kumar
August 8, 2017


  1. Well that’s the thing about love. If it comes, it never goes. If it goes, then it isn’t love.

  2. As long as you both still want to rekindle the relationship, keep trying. Where there is a will, there’s a way I guess. But if you feel there’s no future here, best to move on then

  3. That’s sad. Have you tried taking a break for a few months at least? Some time genuinely separate from one another. Out of touch even, unless there is an emergency. It will help you realise whether you two miss each other or are happier without. And then take it from there .

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