The ideal Valentine’s Day celebration

Tomorrow is a big day for couples so let’s go full throttle and discuss everything. What is the most touching gift or gesture by your partner on any V Day? What is the ideal gift for you? Do you always hit jackpot so far as gift giving goes? And finally what would be your dream Valentine’s Day date?

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June 7, 2017


  1. I remember giving a very special gift to my girlfriend on Valentine's day. I wrote reasons for loving her on every card in a pack and made a clock out of it, That was a very innovative idea and my girlfriend loved it. I have always looked for new ways to surprise my girlfriend. I remember our first date when I took my girlfriend to a floating hotel and she loved that too. *p*

  2. Feb 14 stands out fr one big reason, personally fr me.i met the love of my life, in flesh n blood on vday. It was simply a co incidence. We met online n a few months later work took me to his city. Nothing preplanned but date was 14 feb. Amidst conversations n stealing glimpses he took out a small pendant. It was a simple heart ingold. It was fr me! It remains my most favourite gift. Gifts came later too but nothing matches its charm.

  3. It was my first Valentine’s Day with my husband (fiance then). Early in the morning the calling bell rang and as I opened the door, I received a huge, huge bouquet of flowers. As I went to office, he gave a sudden surprise by coming over with 15 gifts and cards (for the 15 days we had been engaged). I was floored. How had I made that Valentine’s Day special? I had dedicated a song for him on Radio. In the evening we went on a long long drive. That has been my most memorable Valentine’s Day till now.*p**p*My dream Valentine’s Day date would be my partner and me alone on a sea side… Holding hands… Walking on the shore… Whispering sweet nothings…. Followed by red sparkling wine and conversations with Ghulam Ali songs being played in the background….

  4. You two are giving us new V day goals. Sea beach the ultimate romantic place for me too

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