The Joy of Getting Laid Vs Loyalty

What is more important for a happy life – The Joy of Getting Laid or Loyalty?

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Nitin Kumar
August 21, 2017


  1. Depends upon your version of happiness. Some people find sex fascinating enough to keep experimenting. They find happiness in that. Whereas, some are happy with one partner.

  2. Are you talking about both with the same person? Or living a Casanova lifestyle vs choosing to be monogamous? In any case, I have known plenty chasing numbers, and almost all of them would rather have that one person they can come home to eventually. That says a lot, I guess.

  3. For a happy life obviously loyalty…but then having those passionate sessions have their won charm. they are like those bursts which make the other life seem so beautiful. I wish there was a way we could do both? Do u know that marriage and monogamy is a new construct?

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