The last straw

What is the moment you realise you are over your ex. After months or years of pining and holding your broken heart, how do you know if you have truly moved on? Any experiences?

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Priyam Subba
August 13, 2017


  1. There are two possibilities – a)you don’t feel a thing, they are just gone. Their space being filled by better people. You have tossed them out from your life, forever. b) they remain in your life but no longer does their presence affect you. You might even be good friends. You may greet each other with warmth. But you no longer desire them like you did.

  2. If you are okay thinking of the being with someone else, that can be a good indication. I knew I was over an ex when I heard she was getting married and didn’t feel a thing.

  3. I think the moment you realise that the thought of your ex doesn’t strike your mind very frequently as before. With time we tend to distract our mind as we stop thinking about our ex. That is when you start accepting the reality and move on. There remains no hard feelings and your former love story becomes just another chapter in your life.

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