The make-up of a good, fulfilled marriage

Marriages are made in heaven, but they are lived here on earth. What makes a good, fulfilled marriage? How far do couples travel along, hand in hand, to reach this state?

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Deepti Menon
June 7, 2017


  1. I've been divorced for three years so I can tell you what does not make a fulfilling marriage. All couples begin from a place of love. But sometimes you just grow differently as individuals, as happened in our case. We realised while we cared for each other. The love was gone. And we could either stay in a marriage of convenience and maybe even friendship, or move on with mutual respect. A marriage breaking news not be because you didn't try, gave up, or hate the other person. Sometimes it's the harder yet smarter thing to do*p*

  2. After a point, it is energy and enthusiasm that keeps it and compatibility does not last that long (most cases of course)

  3. Good social, intellectual and sexual compatibility. Add to it a great chemistry and it has all ingredients for rocking marriage! All it needs now is for the mutual respect and love to develop and establish itself between the two.

  4. @I am Krishna – Intellectual compatibility can be easily assessed in arranged marriages – provided the girl and boy are permitted to talk and interact a few times to get to know each other. The tricky one is the sexual compatibility.

  5. Honesty plays a significant role in any relationship, along with understanding! It makes perfect sense for a husband and wife to be friends as well. Thank you for your discerning answer, Soumodipta!

  6. Communication is all-important if two people have to live together in peace, love and harmony! I agree with your answer, Rads, and I wish all couples, young and old, would grasp this simple, yet fundamental truth. Thank you for your thought-provoking answer.

  7. The perfect recipe for a good and fulfilled marriage, JaeRajesh! Thank you for that wonderful answer! Thank you also for adding that mutual respect is mandatory.

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