The man behind my success

Mothers are always supporting their daughters. It is seldom that you find fathers being the strength behind their daughter’s success. My mother has always been my pillar of strength but my father is the man behind my success in life. He let me venture out into my dream world to let me be who I wanted to be. Hope there are others who can proudly say that the man behind their success has been her father.

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Ranjana Kamo
August 16, 2017


  1. My parents for sure, but I would consider my husband to be the man behind my success – no matter what I plan to do, my husband is the one to inspire and encourage me.

  2. Acmann, yes both parents give us the strength we need to move through life courageously.

  3. In the end both mom and dad matter. In my life they have alternatively played the roles. If mom has made me a success in dealing with the world, dad has made me capable on holding my ground. Cheers to both!

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