The married Bed

Who makes the first move? And how? Especially when one is married it is extremely easy to put sex as the last thing on your mind, but if one does, have a rocking sex life, who is the initiator and what are your moves?

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Malini Misra
September 1, 2017


  1. It should not be so rigid – as to who makes the move – whoever is feeling horny or passionate must make the move. Why make it so tough?

  2. @ Meenu mehrotra
    🙂 good that the chemistry is so strong that it doesn’t matter who makes the first move, but if the lady would make the move, what and how would it be, would be interesting to note.. 😀

  3. I have always been the initiator. And my move is usually through conversation – flirtatious, intimate and finally erotic. The physical foreplay, again initiated by yours truly, follows and when finally the Queen Bee is ready, the Worker moves in (pun unintended).

  4. Of course it is always the Man who makes the first move when it comes for sex. Though it doesn’t matter who makes the first move but the answer goes unbiased that it is the man who makes the first move.

  5. Brings me into a classic suhaag raat scenario. The guy is thinking on two things, how to remove these excess flowers from the bed so that he can deflower the bride. The girl is eyeing from her Ghungta at a level to see if that guy has it strong enough to last like the last one. Now how do we start?

  6. Does it really matter who makes the first move?
    When the chemistry is bang on, this question is a waste of time:)

  7. Well, the moves depends on your partner’s likes and dislikes.
    The arousal pattern and G-spots can only be known when somebody makes a move.
    Now who makes the move is a question of concern when it’s an arranged marriage.
    Usually a long stare at your partner also works. It depends on how you communicate your desires to your better half and how your better half graps your signals.
    The chemisty usually works in such cases.

    And if it is a love marriage or couples who are first time together, usually a man makes a move as I have heard until now. But the world is changing and even women are quite vocal about their sexual desires.
    I remember when me and my boyfriend had our first time together. He made the first move by cuddling me and carressing my waist.

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