The married Bed

Who makes the first move? And how? Especially when one is married it is extremely easy to put sex as the last thing on your mind, but if one does, have a rocking sex life, who is the initiator and what are your moves?

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September 1, 2017


  1. The lady can just drop subtle hints- dress seductively for one, initiate a conversation that is non-serious and make use of eyes and hands
    to the utmost…rest can follow organically- yes, it is interesting for a man to watch his woman initiate:)

  2. A lot depends on the cultural background and upbringing of the person. e.g., while men are universally more vocal in initiating sex, ladies from the more extrovert cultures like Punjabi or Gujarati or from matriarchial societies are more vocal about their needs.
    Also, It is after all a question of feeling the need for it. and everyone has different needs.
    Another thing, In my experience, need of sex is something that only increases with practice.The more you indulge in it, the more you desire it. If you practice celibacy most of the times and remain unexposed to sexual imagery and thoughts, desire also reduces. And vice-versa. One interesting personal observation that I have is that when I send sexts and intimacy related articles to my partner during the day, she is much more in the mood and ready to initiate in bed at night.