The work stress impacting relationships

It is very easy , normal and human to carry home the stress from work but this stress takes the shape of anger and frustration which bursts out on the spouse, children and parents , ruining the happiness of the family. I have learnt to leave the stress in the parking lot and come home on a cheerful note, have you also found your peace and joy?

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Ranjana Kamo
July 29, 2017


  1. Sherry, I realised that life is limited by years and we can work till the age of 60, that leaves us with very few years post retirement. If I keep letting stress govern my life , then I will contract stress related diseases that will further mar my happiness and my family life. I prioritise my happiness and peace of mind and work around that. I do not allow negative thoughts and negative people take away my peace, I just block them … On the same lines as you block spam mails. It is difficult for the first time but then it becomes a habit. I have understood that I am the master of my own life and I cannot let anybody govern how I think or behave. I switch off my work mind when I enter my home and that helps a lot.

  2. Please share some tips on how you have managed that! I find that I am thinking of home when at work and thinking of work when home! This ensures that I am not happy in either place. Any practical suggestions are welcome

  3. I think it is just important to not take out frustration or stress from any part of your life not caused by your family, on your family. We take family for granted and they are the first people we snap at if irritated or in a bad mood for some other reason. Instead we should be always mindful that someone who has not caused grief should not be at the receiving end of it too

  4. I try to but with modern technology one can never really leave work at home. There’ll always be a mail to reply to, a presentation to create etc. So unfortunately I do carry work home sometimes. And even office politics spills at home with phone call after phone call. Though I do try to not let my frustrations at work affect conversations with someone else

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