There is never a good bye for us

Do you feel lost after the separation as if the everlasting love is just a myth?

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Puneet Aggarwal
June 7, 2017


  1. Honestly, you do feel a little lost after separation. My marriage just lasted five years until I had to part ways with my wife for some reason. It was really tough, in the beginning, to let go of your emotion but with time everything becomes normal. The most difficult part of separation is memories and the pain it inflicts when you cannot share them with the person who was a part of it. I think even after separation, the love may still stay. But we try to evade it by occupying our minds with other things. *p*

  2. Separation is always painful for me ; whether the experience with that person is good or bad. I need a long period to overcome .

  3. I am glad that you have been able to succeed in dealing with it. May the peace prevails before we are shattered again into the pieces.

  4. Often I wonder how much time is required to be over with it. One of my friend says, its half the time you been in relationship.

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