Till what point?

When issues start to crop up, how much does a person sponge in before finally deciding to call it quits (even if she still loves the guy)?

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Aditi Bose
July 13, 2017


  1. There is a mind tool u use to save marriages think about your spouse at the age of say 70-80 saying the same curt acid dialogue with no teeth ..you will start laughing and move on*p**p*Its that simple or is it ? Ha ha*p*

  2. I think responsibility is the main thing. Many relationships don't work out because one partner thinks that the other will be unable to handle the responsibility of the relationship in the future. The love may be there but it is the fear of underperformance that breaks the relationship eventually.*p*

  3. Marriage or dating – whichever – do you think happy memories will save a relationship that's in extreme troubled waters?*p*

  4. But a relationship is not a bank account! Equations don't work. Logic goes out of the window. It craps the brain out. And yet, gives you a sense of complete calmness when the man you love is around. If analogy has to be drawn – it's a weighing scale. Is the nonsense and your own ego more than the love that you feel?*p*

  5. Don't we give nonsense to our parents too at some point? Are we always good to them? But they don't stop loving us. Why shud it be different in a couple relationship? Unless it gets totally abusive. Sometimes do issues happen because we over expect or provoke?*p*

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