Time to smell the coffee boys?

Girls are dead serious about theircareer goals, guys. It's high time boyfriends and husbands understand this fact and learn to support their spouses wholeheartedly. Lessons learnt by the small-town Romeo, Badrinath in his quest to win over his saucy and resolute Dulhania in the eponymous movie, that's driven home the message through a dash of humour and romance. I loved the film for the way it turned patriarchal notions on its head and gave two thumbs up to feminism.  

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Barnali Roy
June 7, 2017


  1. They would learn the neo-age-feminism quickly. The days are over where women used to dependent on their partners for everything. Now, they can achieve anything and want the freedom too. And, her spouse should be there to let her be free and successful in whichever way she wants to. The love and support of the partner is all we need for a successful marriage.*p*

  2. Definitely….The girl alone cannot be expected to manage home and hearth. Her spouse needs to be hands on in his share of household chores.*p*

  3. Yes true, but we have to start somewhere…At least the girl stuck to her guns and continued her job for a couple of years…Yes she came back but considering the compromise the boy made I would think it was in order. And here she was actually doing something more meaningful.*p*

  4. Yes we need more filmmakers to depict such issues in mainstream cinema. Judging from the reactions of the audience, I think the message does manage to hit home.*p*

  5. How convenient! Wish we women could say the same. Why not learn how to help around at home? Jokes apart this is more about encouragement and active support that men can genuinely extend to their wives and girlfriends.*p*

  6. Yes, we can bring change on our own, but a little support from the men would always be welcome.*p*

  7. Wow very true Mira. A woman is still considered unsuccessful if she doesn't have a husband and family, or if she cannot balance both work and personal life. We are always walking the tightrope so to say, even after proving ourselves in the professional arena.*p*

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