To Choose between Parents and In Laws

A person is facing a sad situation where she has to choose between her parents and in laws. She has a loving husband and a child but somehow the circumstances have forced her to make this choice. Do not know what advice should I give her. 

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Ranjana Kamo
July 13, 2017


  1. Will be able to advise better if we know the context and details. Cannot choose otherwise *p**p*Has to be neither or both !!! Give the husband the same choice and see what he says. *p**p*Why should a spouse control whom the wife chooses.  Then the husband can only choose. *p*

  2. I don't think she should make a choice but her in-laws, parents, and husband should all find some option for her which suits her and everyone the best. We should not force her to choose someone and let all of us be with her. That's how you help a person you love. *p*

  3. Depends on the circumstances. Also, her husband can take care of one set, while she takes care of the other. If she feels she'll be better able to take care of her in laws, then her husband can see to his in laws. The burden of both sets of parents should not rest squarely on her*p*

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