To Do it Or Not to DO It

Is sex the right way to resolve a fight?

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Swati Mehra
August 16, 2017


  1. Sex can be the right way some time but NOT all the time. Make up sex doesn’t really resolve the issue from the core if
    the couple do not address the problem .

  2. Make up sex can be addictive. So don’t use sex all the time as a means to end a fight or disagreement .
    Issues need to be resolved. And sex can be good at times to get over a disagreement but beware.

  3. Yes, we have all heard of make-up sex, and it really helps in releasing the feel-good hormones in us, but we need to at least reach a common ground before approaching sex after a fight.

  4. If it is a silly argument, then perhaps. But for more serious disagreements, sex will just be a distraction. It is not really tackling the problem, unless the problem is lack of sex!

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