To hold on or to let go?

When you’ve been dating for about a month and the guy is super sure to marry you but you know otherwise. He is the perfect guy with a background your family will never approve of what do you do? Should you hold on because you really love him too or should you let go for both your sanity?

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Kruti Patel
June 7, 2017


  1. Hey *p*Before you decide hold on or let go…. perhaps you should take time to understand what’s bothering you. It happens at time that a problem that seems too big today may not really be. But if you think it’s damaging yours or his sanity… then you definite get away before it gets toxic.*p*Hugs

  2. You should go forward. It is not easy to find love and once you get it you should let it go thinking about how your parents would react. In its stead you should try your best to win your parents' favour. I think they will eventually accept your relationship.*p*

  3. Hold on please! If you love him and want to marry him and he reciprocates- he is going to be your family! Just a matter of a few months to convince the existing family…

  4. Hold on!! if you know he is the perfect guy. The background can be optimized on the foreground of love. Try to convince your parents. Take a shot.

  5. Don’t give up without discussing it with your parents. Try and convince them. Who knows they might agree with you.

  6. Dear Kruti! Hello! Seems like you already know the answer. In your case you do know that this guy is not the ONE for you. Also, you are aware that his family background may lessen the chances of your family liking and accepting him as your life partner. I feel you should let go off for your sanity and stress free personal life.

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