Too fat for him

I was married by my parents to a man who seemed perfect on paper. But I discovered that he is actually a shallow egotistical man who only wanted an arm candy for a wife. I am pregnant and instead of being there for me, I actually heard him joking with a friend that he will cheat on me if I get fat. I feel I am stuck in an abusive relationship with an eating disorder the only escape. 

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Priya Jindal
June 7, 2017


  1. If you feel so, there is definitely something wrong. When a man touches a woman out of love, there is always a connect. How do you feel when he touches you? Is there a restraint from his side? *p**p*There could be a possibility that he loves you but is promiscuous. If he doesn't love you, then it is better to get out of the relationship. You have a child to think of now. If he does, there is a bigger dilemma. Can you accept him for who he is? Can you live all your life on the brink?*p**p*Also, what about you? Do you want to spend a lifetime with him? It is time you asked yourself such hard questions. After all it'll affect 3 lives. Good luck.*p*

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