Trust once broken, damages the relationship forever. How true is it?

Trust and Betrayal

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August 3, 2017


  1. Sometimes trust when broken, lasts really forever, but sometimes the forever is a long time. In either case damage is for sure. Perhaps that is the reason people put trust above all in any kind of relationship.

  2. Having gone through a lot of trust issues in my life, I feel confident enough to comment on it from my own experiences 🙂 IMHO trust is very fragile and needs to be really handled with care. It’s like a holy covenant between two parties. And both parties have a fairly good idea that breaking it can wrought unintended consequences on the relationship. Yet it is often broken. If you knowingly break trust of someone, there can be only two reasons- You think it will not be revealed OR you think you can get away with it.
    When it does get revealed that trust has been broken, it is the time when the relationship commitment and the mental strength of the aggrieved party really gets tested. A mentally strong person may let-go the breach of trust and still maintain the relationship after suitable warning. A weak person may get shattered and still maintain the relationship as they need it. And vice versa also is true.
    From my personal experience, trust can never again be restored fully. I am always wary of the person who broke my trust. And sometimes despise them for what they did to our relationship. For breaking the covenant between us. And although I forgave from a position of strength, I sometimes feel weak and wonder if i did the right thing. So yes, it does damage the relationship forever.