Unhappiness in marriage

I am an unhappily married man in love with another woman. But I have two children and don't want to break my family. My marriage is a sham and I know I will never be happy in it. My wife seems miserable too. Should I give love another shot?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Check this story here…what we think love is at times is only strong infatuation. *p**p*Please treadcarefully! *p**p*http://www.bonobology.com/the-affair/the-aftermath/325-an-affair-she-regrets*p*

  2. Why do you want to break a family? If that woman is okay be in a relationship with her. Keep it secret, make sure no one comes to know so that it is not embarrassing for anyone. Trust me love alone is not a reason to break a marriage. *p*

  3. You must have had a long period of unhappiness in the marriage for you to think this way. *p**p*I hope that you are sure that the marriage will never improve before you contemplate divorce. *p**p*Also understand that your wife will face social and financial consequences after divorce. *p**p*Children of divorced parents are also likely to develop emotional problems. *p**p*Besides sometimes divorce proceedings can drag on for a very long time causing stress to all affected parties. *p*

  4. If you both feel your marriage is a mistake, you can walk out of it. It is never too late to make good for a mistake. But then, give it a good thought. More importantly, you've got children to take care of. I am assuming they are too young to understand relationships and break ups. Please ensure you talk to them in such a way that they are not left under an impression that their parents hated each other and left each other. Because that can leave them with a lot of negativity in their teenage. Divorce could be your choice, but parenting is your duty. Do not run away from that, at any cost. Make your kids understand that you are doing it because you two have figured it out and it doesn't in any way affects your relationship with children.*p*

  5. I truely understand you here and the first advice I would give you is STop Feeling Guilty. You have just loved someone and have not planned a terrorist attack. It's as normal as your having two children with your own wife. After you come out of guit try taking my point that you need to tackle it in either a scientific or an artistic manner. Chose who you are. If you opt scientific way, make a list of wishes if all the three important players in your life that are you, your love and your wife. Then find out the scope of compromises all all of you are able to make for an acceptable win-win. If you are an artist, convince everyone to just share love and understand that no one can get everything in the same life. There are many people around the globe who are in similar state. Take the positive side you are blessed with love. I suggest don't leave anyone if you can't let others decide how long they can live with the truth of your life. *p*

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