We couldn’t even remain friends…

Have you been in a situation where you fell for your best friend, who broke your heart, and started dating someone else? And you were left so dejected that you could not go back to being friends with them? Reasons…?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Yes, but I just wrote poems about it instead of feeling dejected ;)*p**p*http://www.bonobology.com/blogs/811-saumyatewari/130-sorry-i-choose-you-*p*

  2. It can happen yes. That is why I think if you feel for your best friend you should better accept and tell him/her about it. The main reason behind the breakaway is that you feel threatened that you may lose your place in his/her life. That insecurity is the reason you stop talking to your best friend after he/she gets committed to somebody else. *p*

  3. Hey! this is very common! It'e like once the pandora box is open you can't shut it back again. About your friend dating someone else…how log has it been? *p*

  4. I can understand; it hurts like a doble edged sword;*p*the reason: one has lost love and lost a bestie.*p*One has lost connection with a person who understood you so well, he/she was your shadow. This is painful and cannot be dealt with easily. *p*There is no formula of coping up with this; however i have seen people following two approaches to tackle this:*p*1) Ignore the world, feel misrable (for a week or two) – get out from the Watsapp group and start another group (minus the friend who ditched you), not turning up for parties, movie with friends etc; when you know the 'friend' in question is gonna be there.This breaks friendships and also affects the larger friend circle. I wont not do this.*p**p*2) Spiritual uplift/Visit the shrink – this is a tremendous opportunity to turn inwards. Folks go for a 'vipashna'/mediation programmes or some choose a good counsular; more often than not it works like magic. I can swear by it 🙂 *p**p*With the second option – most poepl come out embracing reality, go back to the friend who ditched, albeit the change in relationship; life usually moves on and one gets a great lesson in growing up 🙂 *p*