We have no issues per say but i do not feel connected to my husband. What do I do?

We have no issues per say but i do not feel connected to my husband. What do I do?

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Swati Mehra
July 13, 2017


  1. You should remind yourself that he's your husband and you used to feel connected to him at some point. You can reignite the whole relationship. And it's up to you that how do you do it. But first, you need to talk to your husband and tell him whatever is going on in your head. He might help you to get the lost connection back. He might also be feeling the same thing but not approaching you because of some hesitations. *p*

  2. Two of my friends felt the same .Both of them realised within a few months after marriage.While the first friend waited and waited for things to better , the second friend couldnt take it more than a year and decided to split and live herself.For the first friend, priorities have changed in these years.She no longer expects a bonding or a connection from her husband.All she's satisfied with a superb upbringing and a secured future about the kids.The second friend is going through a short depression but will overcome in sometime and live strong,her life her way.*p**p*Nobody from outside,none of your friends or family can give you the right advice about this.It's only you who can decide where and how do you wanna see yourself tomorrow.My advice would be to bring in more and more talking.The best couple read each other's mind and mood before they read the words.*p*All the Very Best.*p*

  3. maybe try to re-visit the begining of your relationship? go on dates, do fun things together and try to introduce more intimacy to your relationship.*p*

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