What about your partner do you wish you could change? And why?

We all accept our partners for who they are. But sometimes, when no one's looking, in the deep, dark recesses of our mind, there's that one thing that we wish our partner would change about themselves – nag a little less, love a little harder, be more demostrative, be less controlling… what is that one thing – or two – that would make your partner that much more appealing? 

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Komal Soni
June 7, 2017


  1. I simply cannot stand untidiness & disorganisation. I am extremely particular about it.*p**p*On the other hand, my husband is completely disorganised! I have to arrange his wardrobe every weekend! Morever, he has this fetish for collecting old magazines which I feel are junk!*p**p*We are constantly arguing about this but ultimately I have to give up & let him keep those magazines besides organising his wardrobe & study table.*p**p*Sigh! Will he ever learn?*p*

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