What are the reactions when you are still single in your mid-thirties?

Single by choice, single and happy, single and not ready to compromise…. well, why not?

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Supreeta Singh
June 7, 2017


  1. When will you marry? Do you have someone whom you are hiding? Why are you not marrying? How will you live in your old age? Who will look after you? Should we see someone for you? And so on… they don’t understand that someone can be single and is not ready to compromise.

  2. very well said. loved your thought. completely agree with you mira. thats the trouble. most often what i see around me does not motivate me to get married anyways!

  3. well said. but more than putting oneself above others – marriage should happen when you are ready to commit and are in love… otherwise whats the point?

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