What constitutes cheating?

While we all understand physical cheating, a lot of people consider emotional cheating worse than a one night stand. It is the true barometer of the relationship being almost over. But how can we define cheating on one's partner, especially only emotionally?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Anything which you think you would have hurt you if you were at your partner's position then it's cheating. That's why you should always be truthful about everything you do. Because one time you lie to your partner, it starts building up. One lie and that's it if your partner has always been loyal to your about everything then your one lie can ruin your relationship. *p**p*Emotional cheating is even worse. Because, it's love, it all starts in the brain (Science explains it better, anwyay) and if you mentally fall in love with someone and that someone is in your mind always rather than who's supposed to be then that thing hurts the partner a lot. Physical cheating starts way too later and things are way out of your hands by then. *p*

  2. Well, if you constantly prefer somebody else's company to your spouse's, or if you share your life's most intimate secrets, fears and dreams with someone else, I think you are being emotionally infidel. It simply means that you are not close with your spouse any more.*p*

  3. Cheating can be a passing thing too na? As you said low impulse control, maybe after one drink too many? Why should cheating be such a huge thing? We betray our partners at so many levels. Why is chaeting so huge? *p*

  4. anything you do that you are assured will make your partner question their trust on you is considered as cheating. be it physical or emotional. *p**p*people generally think that spending time somewhere in the name of work or staying away from home just so that you can take those few moments of solace form all the hectic life and responsibilities is not cheating but it can be considered as a betrayal by your spouse. you can not pinpoint the areas that are safe to graze and the areas which are not safe. things differ according to people.*p*

  5. This question is addressing a symptom, it needs to address the causes too. It might be worth taking a step back and asking why people cheat in the first place. Sure, there are reasons like low impluse control and non-commital mindsets, but there are also reasons like unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Go back another step – what constitutes emotional cheating? Is the lack of communication, understanding and empathy from one partner that motivates the other to seek emotional solace elsewhere also a form of emotional cheating? I have been one end of the spectrum, and I can tell you this, the answers are subjective. *p*

  6. Emotional cheating is more like concealing things from your partner. It is like you start feeling for another person and those thoughts may always occupy your mind and you may try to keep it within you so that your relationship remains unharmed. It is everything which you do to mask your inner feelings. In order to conceal it you start telling lies which eventually becomes detrimental to your relationship. This is what emotional cheating is.  *p*

  7. Flirting once or twice after a drink may not be a big deal. But Mr Anonymous ,are you seriously trying to say that you do that regularly and is will not be a a huge thing. If you are betraying your partner, then it is not a healthy relationship. Be careful. Cheating is defnitely HUGE. Unless both of you have mutually agreed to do it and forgive each other :)*p*

  8. I may go ut for a drink with a male friend and my husband knows about it. That is probably not cheating. But again in this situation if I am going out and hide it from my husband, that may be considered cheating. It is totally dependent on what level of trust you have with your spouse. And what exactly are your intentions. If you are doing things and hiding, that is cheating. Flirting and cheating is not the same. Emotional cheating is difficult to define. But anything you do which you will  not be able to openly discuss with your better half, can be considered cheating. But again if you are dating another person and your wife is keeping silent knowing about it, does not mean that you are not cheating *p*

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