What do we call the women who dont follow protocols? Can and should they be termed as MEN in WOMEN’s body?

Quite a few women in today’s date don’t like barriers of any kind. They want themselves to be free and don’t actually understand why there should be such huge differences between a man and a woman, because their parents never taught them this , instead they were asked to be HUMAN first and anything else later ! So how would they be better termed as because they don’t meet the conditions to be a GOOD WOMAN !

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Vedaprana Purkayastha
June 7, 2017


  1. I met a woman who has gone through hell because she was independent and right. I think that the world we live is is changing yet so much more needs to be done! The very women she helped become more qualified( she being the principal encouraged 74 women to do B.Ed due to which they had a salary jump from 6 grand to 25) left her alone because it would have affected their career once she left the establishment. Men bond and stick! Where are women bonds?

  2. I think women who don’t follow protocols should be called The woman Of Today… she is independent, brave and wants to live life on her own terms…. i believe it is the need of the hour that has made women break their mould and come out in the open…

  3. I think we can just call them Woman and not worry about tags of any kind. It is only through counter examples that these tags will lose relevance.*p*

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