What do you do when you realize that the love of your life has visited you after the mistake of your life?

Sometimes the love of your life comes after the mistake of your life. How do you deal with it then when you happen to realize this?

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Tuli Banerjee
June 7, 2017


  1. Well , you need to tell what mistakes are you talking about? are you talking about marriage which is not keeping you happy?

  2. Is the mistake of your life still in your life? You need to get out of that first. Take some time out to recover. Don't hurry into a relationship especially with past baggage. If the person is truly the love of your life, they can wait a few months till you are emotionally ready to be in a relationship. And take things as they come, trying not to compare. *p*

  3. Be sure that it isl ove and not passing passion…love means sacrifice and lack of self centeredness which is becoming a rare phenomenon…Once you are sure it is love and that your marriage is a mistake then work on getting out but without hurting anyone in the process and on mutual grounds…

  4. A mistake can be corrected, either by starting afresh or by making adjustments in the current relationship, depending upon the possibilities.

  5. If u have learnt from ur mistake then definitely u should welcome it with open arms heart n mind. But nurturing it would be must

  6. What one feels at the moment is the love of their life, could also be a mistake, relationships do have to be nurtured to make them work. Having said that if one is already in a committed relationship and another very engaging prospect comes up, one could make one of the following choices based on other priorities, such as kids: 1) sacrifice the significant second relationship, it’s not worth disturbing the current equation for anything, also the vows made are sacrosanct 2) walk out of current relationship which seems like a mistake, but with the awareness that the second Relationship will also demand work and nurturing 3) Try to make the best of both worlds, clandestine is fun but dangerous, with the potential to hurt all parties involved much more than the other two options.

  7. Depends on where you are in life then? Do you have babies? Is the love your life in a committed relationship already? So many variables..

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