What do you really mean when you say you love each other? will meditation help you love better?

all too often, a show of love passes for love – frequent sex, being seen together at the right places at the right time – but do we really listen to each other? regular meditation can help you communicate better.

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Madhuri Maitra
June 7, 2017


  1. Meditation leads you to a deep love of the self. but paradoxically this is not a ‘selfish’ love,its a love that emanates spontaneously from knowing the unity of all things. When a meditator , therefore is in love, or makes love to ‘another’ it becomes doubly explosive, both sacred, and sublimely sensual. Shiva was legended to be the lover at both manifest and transcendent levels.So, yes meditation helps you love better, but this is not also just about’tantric love’ or some term like that; meditation makes you play better, read better, gym better and so on.

  2. We are too busy to listen to each other, we are running a race and in the process are always stressed out and depressed. Meditation will definitely help us calm, and only then we will know what’s important and what’s not. We will realise how important it is to spend time with each other than constantly running after fame and money !!

  3. Most certainly! It’s important to be truly connected with each other as spouses and friends than projecting to the world how connected you are. And meditation helps in bringing about that inner peace and clarity which can so often be lost in the madness around us.

  4. Will meditation help you love better? It most certainly would. Because during meditation the muck settles. We see what is important, let go of silly resentments.

  5. Over the years have realised love is not chaos. On the contrary it is a self satisfying realisation that puts one to peace.. inner peace. So i would rather say love inner peace and meditation go hand in hand. Hence meditation and mind control automatically redirects our feelings of love in the most profound and universal fashion.. a love that comes from within.. from the deepest depths of our being.

  6. The power of meditation are well pronounced which has been underplayed .It certainly can be really helpful in conjugal relationship.With the kind of stressful lives we lead it can help towards experiencing calm, silence which we are devoid of. Connect with inner self makes one experience joy and the outcome will be happiness and love.*p*

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