What do you think of parenting over 40! Should you give up because you are late?!

Suppose you have missed your train, and are worried, that if i get into the next train, will i be able to reach where i want to, Will i be able to handle the journey? Yes, will I be able to handle the journey, now that I am late to the prom.. In Short, are there mothers here who gave birth at 40 or after and what were the experiences? 

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July 13, 2017


  1. I know one of my relatives who adopted a baby when they were around 45 years old. And their style of parenting was in no way different from the normal parenting regime. Parenting has nothing to do with how old are you because it's more about how mature are you at that age to handle a child and bring him/her up in this world. So if you want to raise a child then your age would never be a barrier. *p*

  2. I do know of mothers who gave birth after 40 and have made very good parents. Though one of them had to take the help of IVF , but she decided to go ahead and become a mother . One should not give up when medical aid is available . *p*

  3. Thank you so much for this reply. Means a lot. *p**p*It's true, that late mother's can make up for with their patience and wisdom, but still, when all your friends have teenaged children, it's difficult to decide even, to take the step. *p*

  4. I know mothers who have given birth after forty. There pregnancies were not as easy and their health may not be the same as a 20 year old. But they make up for that in their wisdom and patience. There kids have far more stable lives and grow to be quite independent in  my opinion.*p*

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