What if kundalis don’t match in love marriages??

Like is it important matching kundalis in a love marriage. When we have already decided to spend life together then why should kundali act as a barrier..?????

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Bhavita Golani
June 7, 2017


  1. The big fat confusion over every big fat Indian wedding seems if the kundalis have matched or not. Don’t you think it is more of an Indian way of looking at marriage? Do you think people in Europe or Japan have their kundalis matched before marriage? Don’t their marriages last? I believe a piece of paper cannot decide the fate of two people in love and hence kundalis not matching must never be a barrier.

  2. You, being already in love, must know what all you have in common. Compatibility is best judged when you both come together and share your views with one another. If you are compatible by thoughts, nothing else matters.*p*

  3. I am a big believer in Kundalis. What feels like love in the beginning may just be the newness. Eventually it is the nature that comes into play. And that Kundalis can tell…

  4. Kundali is the farcest proposition considered for marriage alliance. They were strongly recommended and valued at a time when the birth date and time record were left to speculation and assumptions. I just it’s a good dramatic theme being practiced by cinema and serial walas till date.

  5. It should not matter. How many times do marriages fixed basis kundalis succeed ? Why should kundalis overrule love?

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