What if your relationship is like roommates rather than soulmates?

Can you survive in a relationship lacking physical intimacy?

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June 7, 2017


  1. It is very frustrating to live life like that where no one accept you and respect you….and the wife does everything possible still only time to blame. And last of all expect physical intimacy…

  2. 100% the relation will die down soon until unless they are compelled to pull it along for their family or so. Conjugal relation is vital part of the married life and lack of it means either of the couple is not at all interested in another one. Lack of mental bonding between the couples result in lack of intimacy. There is no meaning at all in staying like roommates under one roof. In most of the cases, it can be solved by opening up their mind – the ego of one prevents from it where the role of a counselor can be raked in. First once has to be friends and once they open up their mind, the ice starts to break. Some are not ready to take the responsibility – excuse are like the job, lack of support from family, etc. So, I suggest you to please let you free of him and enjoy your life as an individual as sex is not all in a our life.