What is easy way to convey someone that you like them?

Can anyone tell me what is easy way to convey someone that you like them and want a platonic friendship? Don't want to be explicit and don't want to sound needy, but want to convey in dignified way that am liking you and want a frdship, I don't want to sound needy desperate clingy that the person runs away ..that person is married and am married too but I feel a need to have someone beyond my husband to talk to, just talk nothing at physical level.he looks kind of decent ,matured and understanding .

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July 13, 2017


  1. Do not have expectations because unfulfilled expectations breed frustration.*p**p* *p**p*If he does not respond, it means, your assumption that he is a decent, understanding and matured man, was wrong.*p**p* *p**p*For any further help and guidance you may call me up at 9898040633.*p*

  2. I felt very bad he did not reply it's ok if he cannot be my friend atleast should have responded something.*p*

  3. I whtsapped him sir he read but did not reply.I liked your msg very much so pasted it as it is, you have expressed my feelings better than me.I have no regrets even if he does not reply as I made my stand clear.I will keep you updated on developments.Thank you very much for your support.*p*

  4. Let me write it for you:*p**p*Sorry for the goof up. I could not express myself clearly and therefore I have jotted down few points for what I basically wanted to convey to you:*p**p* *p**p*1. You appear to me a person with whom I would want to share my thoughts and feelings.*p**p*2. Before I am misunderstood, let me please clarify, this is not going to be anything that looks like an affair.*p**p*3. Not sure what will I be able to contribute to you as my friend but your maturity and wisdom make me feel safe to have you as a decent friend.*p**p*4. I do not intend enchroaching upon your time. You could just keep in touch or feel free to share thoughts, views and opinions as and when you have time. I can't promise but I shall try to live up to the standards and contribute to the conversations.*p**p* *p*

  5. Since I could not express myself clearly am jotting down few points on what I basically wanted to convey to you*p**p*1. I am looking for a friendship.*p**p*2. I need someone to discuss my thoughts and feelings freely.*p**p*3. I am not seeking for any affair it's just pure friendship that am looking.*p**p*Please share your thoughts doctor, you add and remove few points as you feel, will I sound like a fool or crazy? Please tell me what you think.Till you give heads up am not whtsapping him.this*p*

  6. Now it is all the more important for you to talk to him otherwise the carried-away impression may leave you guilt ridden.*p**p* *p**p*Write down point-wise what would you now like to say to him. Start the conversation saying that since you could not express yourself clearly, you have arranged your thoughts and would like to speak point-wise. Request him not to interrupt till you have read out all points (read out, do not talk).*p**p* *p**p*You shall be able to repair the damage caused by erratic communication.*p*