What is love?

What is love?  How does one reconise it? How do people 'know' that they're in love and that they've met the person that they want to spend their lives with? 

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Aarti Pathak
July 13, 2017


  1. Some people may associate love with fireworks but for me those are more about lust. Don't get me wrong here because I feel lust is a pure emotion. But love is when after a bad day you crave for that one person to talk to and then sleep on your problems cuddling with that person. When you have a that kind of person in your life you know you are in love. And are they a keeper? That's difficult to say because some people get shocks from their partners even after spending years together*p*

  2. There has been so many books written on love and still its real definition remains a mystery. Only distance brings the purest feelings in human beings. You will not know the worth of a person until you are separated from him/ her. That is the ultimate indicator of love I feel.*p*

  3. Love is very self-ish. One begins to Love first with him/ her self. The moment another person makes you happy and fulfils your selfish desires, you happen to love the other.*p**p*People never 'know' that they are in love. They just either fantasise or imagine that state. Rest is the God's grace.*p*

  4. Hmmm….*p**p*Thats a little scary for me to read. Why should love make ones life more about the other? *p**p*I feel… it should be always about both thinking about each other and about themselves as a unit. *p*

  5. I'd say it's when you feel a sense of surrendering yourself in front of the other. It's no longer about you, but about them. Their happiness, their dreams. Your life becomes more about them than about you*p*

  6. For me it is whenever I see something that moves me or hurts me or makes me happy I want to share it with he person I love…*p*

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