What is meant by our ‘soul’? Does it require a mate?

We as an individual needs a physical mate. That’s nature’s design. We’d like an intellectual mate. That’s the need generated by our intellect, our mind. Our ‘soul’ supposedly transcends both, our body as well as our mind. In that case, is it required to have a mate?

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June 7, 2017


  1. I have heard the concept of losing yourself, with a soul mate that losing happens more often than not. In all other relationships, once the novelty wears down, the being one also fades. But soul mate…hmmm..there might be real promise there.

  2. I think we often develop deep connections with people, which are based on deep sub conscious and conscious needs, consistent with our phase of life evolution. These connections therefore feel very intense and can truely be thought of as soulmates, because they fulfill important roles in ones life at that point in time. They may not remain so, as soon as the person transcends that and moves to another phase in life. Therefore a soul mate need not be permanent, need not be a spouse or even a romantic interest, it may be anyone, who helps you move to next level of self development

  3. This is a very new understanding of a soul mate…a person who helps us love to a new level. But then, don;t we start getting attracted to that person?