What is meant by our ‘soul’? Does it require a mate?

We as an individual needs a physical mate. That’s nature’s design. We’d like an intellectual mate. That’s the need generated by our intellect, our mind. Our ‘soul’ supposedly transcends both, our body as well as our mind. In that case, is it required to have a mate?

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June 7, 2017


  1. It's how you complete yourself. It can be someone else completing you. It can be you completing yourself. But, the probability of someone else completing you increases as they also need you to complete themselves. 🙂 That's how souls are divided and are looking for its lost parts to complete them again.*p*

  2. Soulmate is a concept conveniently used to cheat your life partner or your own self. Even if you are a deep spiritual person a connection with another is fooling everyone. The best soul mate if ever be is you, your own self.

  3. Finding a soulmate is rather difficult, as we tend to connect mostly on the intellectual or mental level. Spiritual togetherness can qualify in this category, but soul-to-soul connections are rare and to be highly cherished .

  4. @Mani Shankar, what you’re referring to is ‘karma’. Soul is your life energy. That which is giving you, your identity or your being.

  5. Spot on Raksha! Soul mates don’t exist because there’s a physical attraction or there’s an intellectual compatibility. And therefore, the perils of faded looks or jaded mind does not affect it. You don’t choose your soulmate…you just are.

  6. To me there are three levels. The body, the mind and the soul. The body, like you said is nature’s design and seeks a mate. The mind as it evolves, also looks for people to stimulate and connect to. (Ummm.. there’s also the heart, which is easily confused with the soul.) The soul however is a different ball game!! Only a few have been able to identify with it… and from what we hear of their experiences, is that the moment you identify with the soul, you realise that it is one with universe – and ‘that’ I believe is the journey man kind is on.

  7. A soulmate is simply a person we feel deeply connected to at multiple levels without making much effort, but problems arise when we start believing that this connection has to be a romantic one. A soulmate can be a sibling, a friend, a relative or even a stranger you’ve met for a brief period. Anyone who brings about a positive change in you and your life, and contributes to your personal and spiritual growth is a soulmate. And yes, you can come across many soulmates in a single lifetime.

  8. The deeds a person performs acts as a soul mate and gives direction to the soul. I strongly believe every person is responsible for the deeds they do in this birth as well as previous one. Fate/luck/destiny are nothing but results of one’s deeds alone. Physically and mentally, one can find a mate but for the soulmate, your deeds only will qualify.