What is more effective

When it comes to long distance relationship the distance is actually the devil in disguise. What should be done to retain love as well as one’s own sanity?

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September 4, 2017


  1. Frankly, After a long marriage of 16 years the distance has become a boon. Staying with the same person for so many years was a monotonous routine and i guess we both got bored of it. While staying away creates a little bit of longing.

  2. Stop thinking it as the devil. Don’t allow it to be a weakness, turn into your strength. Don’t stop the talk, the surprises the video calls, the letters. Love will find a way.

  3. Communicate a lot- send regular whats app messages- video calls- sending gifts via courier- surprise visits- daily phone calls-
    and most of all enjoy the pining & longing instead of resenting it.