What is more important sex or love to sustain relationship.

In a relationship love and sex both play a certain role, but what if there is deprivation from sex ? will that lead to any drift in a relationship .

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Mehul Vora
September 22, 2017


  1. Love can thrive without lust. But at times, lust helps to deepen intimacy. People come closer and sex can be therapeutic as well. If truly love your partner you can survive a few sexless periods. But if it gets acute, then other repercussions might start to show up on the emotional front. In that case, seek counselling.

  2. Love and sex go hand in hand- both feed each other and keep the other alive.
    Love is the fuel and lust is the fire.

  3. If both do not want to have sex, then the relationship can work. But if one wants sex and gets deprived of it, it can surely leave a dent into the relationship.

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