What is that one change you made in yourself that completely changed the way you relate to your spouse/partner/lover/…?

 Really want perspectives on this one! 

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June 7, 2017


  1. My love for cleanliness. I used to be really messy and didn't care much about cleanliness and tidy surroundings but after marriage, it changed. And, it was a very positive change which came to my life because of my wife. *p*

  2. One thing that I changed after getting married is the way I look at my life now. I used to be an introvert and did not feel that I could communicate freely with anyone. But after my marriage, thanks to my wife, I have been able to unfurl my latent desires more freely. I know that I have someone to whom I can say anything and everything. That is one assurance that really helped me relate to my spouse who is extremely fun-loving.*p*