What is that one place you visited, which you loved and why?

What is that one place you saw before or after the wedding, which you liked most or memorable for both, and why?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Pondicherry. One of the most serene and beautiful places I've been to. It has this aura of calmness and simplicity which you can find anywhere around the place. The promenade area will fill you up with a spiritual exuberance which you would have never experienced before. You'll enjoy it even more if you got with your spouse. Go there, rent a bike, drink cheap alcohol at posh rooftop bars and then stay at a sea facing resort! What else can you ask for?*p*

  2. Europe.Our first ever thrill of sitting on a plane to going overseas for 1st time on a consolidated tour for 15 days and 8 countries.it was a family tour.The excitement never died while there, and, therfor, never felt exhausted.*p*

  3. Visited Lakshadweep on my wife's recommendation. Amazing place. Very pristine and gorgeous beaches. Worth visiting!*p*

  4. Istanbul in tukey,its got its own history and pebbled streets and the way the city looks down on the bosphorous river is exrtremely romantic!! but having said that..i guess memorable is with what you share with your partner and not with where you go for a holiday!! even swiss alps can look dark if we r not in the right state of mind and even a small cottage with a bonfire with nothing around can become your most romantic place on earth*p*

  5. I remember before marriage we decided to visit a very serene place and spend some time together. We opted to settle for Pondicherry. It was a really memorable trip. The serenity of the place amazed us. It helped us communicate with each other much better. The food was also great. We couldn't have chosen a better spot to open up to each other and we even shortlisted Pondicherry for our honeymon. So all in all, it was a really memorable trip.*p*

  6. We went up the hills from Delhi. A few days and a few hill stations. The places didn't matter much though. It was more the company. *p*

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