What is the biggest weakness of a love marriage?

Over-prominence of caste, religion, family, community and all that; by now, we’ve heard about a lot of flaws an arranged marriage intends. Now, let us discuss if there exists any imperfection in a love marriage. If yes, then what’s that?

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Sunidhi Agarwal
August 23, 2017


  1. To my mind, the biggest weakness of a love marriage is that, in times of emotional turmoil, you can’t that easy share it with anyone because you are afraid people would find fault with your choice. But making a clean breast further, I would say this is the best strength as well because things don’t really worsen as they might, with other parties than you two, involved. You know you are supposed to set the best example so talk it out, sleep it out, deal patiently because things definately would work out well once the heat of impulse gives way to drizzles of love again.

  2. People take each other for granted. They do not try to explore new things and they lose the urge to know each other better.

  3. In india, in an arranged marriage one of the things expected from the couple is that they should fit in well in the family. In times of crisis, the family will be very supportive.
    In love marriage, if the families are unhappy, they may not help the couple much. The couple has only each other to rely on in a crisis.

  4. I think complacency is a big issue. In a love marriage, we tend to take advantage of the relationship. We don’t try to sustain the relationship. We don’t try to spice it up. We fail to value it. We become complacent about being secured but somehow fail to make it more interesting. I think that’s the main issue.

    1. of course, the biggest weakness is love. You tolerated their tantrums because you love her. Even I have seen people not letting a cheating partner go away because he loved her.

  5. People are very different as boyfriend-girlfriend and husband-wife. Also, the future in laws could seem perfect till they become actual in laws. Love can seem like floating in the cloud. Marriage brings one back to earth

  6. That we see people at their best and then they go down from that pedestal….

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