What is the hype about being fair complexioned?

I fail to understand why someone needs to be fair complexioned to be the right girl or the right boy in marriage. The heart and soul need to be beautiful. Beauty changes with time but the nature of a person does not change with time. It may deviate a bit but the basic traits remain constant. One needs to look at this inert beauty rather than the mere looks of a person.

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Ranjana Kamo
August 16, 2017


  1. Tina, Rupali and Christina, wish the mindset changes soon and people start appreciating the inner beauty rather than the complexion.

  2. we will never be able to get over our obsession with fair skin.Our top actors model for the products,the message is you cannot get a job/husband /wife if you are dark.I guess it will take generations to get over it.I have heard people pass disparaging remarks over the black students studying in India while falling all over fair skinned girls form European countries. Now our Bollywood extras are also white gyrating to our mindless songs and tunes. Really sad.

  3. I think it is related to the orthodox notion of our predecessors. I think millennials are more free minded and believe in what lies within as compared to the surface. At the same time our parents or grand parents are obsessed with this fair complexion. Which reflects in some of us.

  4. Our country is obsessed with fairness! the fairness cream that is so popular are actually bleaching agents which erode a layer of our skin. It is sad…they sell like hotcakes! My daughter once bought a cream and when she washed her faced and wiped it with a towel…the towel left colour and became white!

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