What is the one thing that you like the most about your single life and wish you never have to give up?

To singles- what is the one thing from your single life that you don’t want to give up?

To the married folks- what is the one thing from your single life you wish you could have back?

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Saumya Tewari
August 30, 2017


  1. I love the feeling of empowerment when i dont have to depend on anyone. Being me at all times is something i wish i never have to give up..

  2. Being under the compulsion of giving up something that is important for your happiness, is a compromise. Good couples are the one where the compromise level is eliminated. They either discuss things out for better understanding and corrected behaviour or negotiate for mutual happiness, without compromising.

  3. The independence , the freedom to be me! No strings to bind me when I take my decisions myself and move ahead at my own pace.

  4. Freedom. Freedom to wear, eat, watch, read what i want to and when I want to without having to care to anything / anyone.

  5. I’m more self focussed when I’m alone. I’m more obliged to work hard, strive for excellence, and work oriented. Being in a relationship makes me weak, emotional and comfort seeking, which is more of a luxury. So, yes, single rocks.

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