What is your opinion on partner contribution in complimenting your career?

Partners can help you in socialising in your professional circle, how many of you believe that it is a good idea to involve your partner in socilising?

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Raul Sodat Najwa
June 7, 2017


  1. First of all the partner needs to be proud of your choice of career and understand that moving ahead in career requires support from the him.The more they are respectful towards your career choice the more your life sails smoothly. Unrealstice expectations from each other never play their role if both are appreciative and supportive of their careers. As far as socialising in yoiur circle is concerned, one should not force their partners but at the same times it should not be a complete distance. Sometimes socialising with your partner's social circle gives you the other side perspective and it applies to both the partners.*p*

  2. Partners have to understand that its not possible to always be part of each other's social circle. And if you are not very comfortable with mingling even as a formality, then excuse yourself without being critical of your partner. Having said that its also a change to meet differentset of people sometimes. Its anytime better than sitting lone and whining…at lighter note*p*

  3. I like to keep my personal and professional life separate. Of course we attend important office functions as spouses. But other than that, each gives the other space. *p*

  4. It depends upon how you see it. Some may segregate their social life from their professional life and some may choose otherwise. I feel there is no problem in it unless your partner agrees with you. You should leave that discretion to your partner.*p*

  5. Can you please elaborate "not completely forcing" *p**p*i mean how one should approach to explain this to their partner *p*

  6. Is she ok with it?? How you convinced for maintaining parallel life without interfering in each other professional career!!*p*

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