What is your pet peeve about your wife/girlfriend?

Hey guys, there must be certain things that annoy you or put you off about your wife or girlfriend. Share your grouse with us. It could be something minor, or something which is hurting your relationship. Get it off your chest.

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June 7, 2017


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Hridaan.*p**p*Well, some of us women do have this habit of testing our men's feelings once in a while, just to be sure that the love is still there! But doing it all the time is too much, I agree.*p**p*Your reaction was totally rational and supportive, but maybe to her it seemed as if you didn't care about your time together. And in matters of the heart, neutrality doesn't really score high, does it?*p*

  2. Agreed, such bias is uncalled for. But have you asked her why her feelings are so extreme? Maybe there is some unpleasant backstory?*p*

  3. Thanks for sharing your grouse. *p**p*Maybe she wants to keep you in the loop so she shares everything. And when she gets no response, she goes into silent mode??? *p*

  4. Quite true…most wives have razor sharp memory to remember your past errors. They are also adept at aiming these at you at appropriate times and shutting you up. Be on alert from next time!*p**p* *p*