What makes a love marriage fall apart?

I am always baffled when a couple (that married for love) that I have known and admired for years announces that they are separating and are eventually going through divorce. Where does the love go? Why do love marriages end?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Loss of respect. Taking the other for granted. Immaturity to understand that real life is not all love and roses.Sometimes unrealistic expectations from partner and inability to understad that its not a toy you can get on demand. Could be due to personality traits that later surface. Many reasons. Nothing lasts forever.*p*

  2. I read so much on this! People put their best foot forward during love marriage and then slowly let the other sides come out. So they start at their best without thinking they wld ever need to compromise! That's the problem. *p**p* *p**p*Also in the long run…the differences in how two people have beem brought up starts creating small annoyances which then turn into big ones! *p*

  3. I think they forget about the intimate moments of joy they have shared together. And they also forget how important they used to be once for each other. And, if there is someone else in the marriage then it's even worse. Because that someone keeps taking the person away from his or her marriage. People when they get that extra attention from someone else end up falling for them. It's sad but that's how it is. But, if it's true love, none this can affect the bond.*p*

  4. Sometimes the things go a little out of control. One mistake which becomes to unforgivable. And one can't look past it no matter how much love and trust was there. And that is how people go away in love marriages. But this doesn't happen at once but eventually. And you really can't do anything about it. People can fall out of love too if they do not keep having the moments of love and compassion from time to time. *p*

  5. In absence of understanding, love, care and sense of responsibility any marriage can fall apart. Many so called arranged marriages also do not work out.*p**p* *p**p*In a typical love marriage the element of going against family or society, may be a little more. Since the couple has already revolted, the repetition by way of separation may be easier than a typical marriage where the say of the other members of the family may be more and therefore mediation becomes easier. As a result to repair a marriage about to break, may be possible.*p*