What people see before falling in love,Is it Physical appearance, Money , Intelligence or the Nature of the person ?

The definition of love is uncertain. and everyone does not have everything, a person may have money not no looks, a person may be very good looking but has no intelligence. Some one has something extra and someone has something missing. What is that factor that attracts love most?

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Mehul Vora
September 14, 2017


  1. Everyone has a different perspective of love or falling in love but what I think personally is definitely the nature of person that attracts me more ?

  2. I guess it has to be how presentable the person is according to your liking and the nature of the person! The parameters vary from person to person.

  3. I agree that it is Love that is the attracting force. But when you see today the college students who may not be mature enough to understand the reality of life and relationships. They go in for the stud of college, or the guy who drives a nice car or bike. they are the most desired one. I really do not understand the perception of people. in order to understand the opposite person , we need to be aware as to how to decipher. when people are blinded by love or attraction they tend to experience cheating, fights, friction in relationship.

  4. It includes the expectation one grows up with – what the individual desires the most in a partner. If he is smitten by the idea of inner beauty, he will not be easily attracted by looks alone. He will try to find out the human side as well. If education is what drives him crazy, the fascination will be restricted to degrees. If wealth is what the person values the most, the sight of a swanky car will make the person fall in love. These are individual choices but when you look at the issue in a generalized way, you find certain common reasons/grounds. And mostly, the initial attraction through looks and style will generate interest and lead to a conversation. After that, it becomes somewhat clear whether the person is genuine or fake, pretentious type. If positive signs emerge, the love gets stronger and the person comes closer to deciding whether it is worth investing one’s emotions and time in him/her. You keep looking for one more quality to make you love that person more strongly/confidently and finally convince yourself that this is the best option available and worth introducing to the family.

  5. Physical attraction does play a big role in deciding a partner, even in arranged marriages. In love matches, it plays a big role. Physical attraction does not always have anything to do with looks. Sometimes, it is the voice, certain mannerisms, smile and Yes, intelligence. Money might not matter per se but money and success does give men and women a certain confidence, experience and Yes, the ability to groom themselves well that can be very attractive.

  6. I guess it depends on the person. For some it depends on what is on the inside and some prefer to go for the physical appearance. Its not ever specific what you can fall for.

  7. There can never be one particular thing that every one sees before falling in love. In fact, one cannot decide and fall in love. It simply happens. And – you never know what would that factor be… Yes, once you fall in love with a person, you can introspect and say – that this is why I fell in love with him or her.

  8. Love is a mystical experience – can’t be described or deciphered- so it’s tough to answer this one:)

  9. One gets infatuated with external things but i think what attracts love most is being loved! No one is as attractive to us as when they are solidly attracted to us!

  10. Do you know that there is a blind spot in your eye? But in spite you see everything. Love is the blind spot in your life. It cannot see anything but the eye sees everything.

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