What should be done when he neither accepts her, nor is prepared for a divorce ?

What are the options for a girl who does not want to surrender and succumb to the irrational demands of the husband and in-laws ? The active support from the parents, with whom she is staying, is also missing. The husband neither takes a corrective action nor makes any move from his side, since last many months.

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June 7, 2017


  1. This is a plight of so many women. Is she independent? Also emotionally can she handle being away from him? that is the most important question. Isn't it? *p*

  2. As I read this, I was doing a mental count on how many women I know whose life's reality is just this. They are many. *p**p*A friend going thru same situation had asked me same question last week. She was of course frustrated and more into "Why is he doing this?"*p**p* Neither of us had an answer to why men do it? But many (if not most) do the same. Even though both the partners have accepted the fact they dont have a future together, they dont accept the mature decision to legally part ways to 'Live and let live'. May be it satisfies husband's ego by not making things easy for wife by 'letting her go' or they take it as accepting the defeat. Or it just gives them a false assumption to still have power over the other.*p**p*I would say what to do with her life personally is more easier than the process of getting divorced.*p**p*For a while, the girl should take her mind off from relationship and move towards work and activities that add to her personal and professional growth. It would satisfy her personally, she will feel more confident and help her self esteem. These things would help her greatly in things she is facing and yet to face.*p**p*Marriage, especially when it gets sour affects one tremendously. It won't be easy not to think about it. One cant get away with the feeling of being stuck. This is exactly what she needs to overcome.  *p**p* *p**p* *p*

  3. Firstly, she should seek advise of a good lawyer as well as start seeking job, if not earning so far.*p**p*She can gather support from friends who could understand her plight.*p**p*Can she approach a mediatory who is neutral and talk to both parties? To find a way out for both?*p**p*Ask common friends to make him understand the situation with a practical angle and thereafter, both can move on separately.*p*

  4. I agree that many women are stuck in marriages with wrong guys. She is staying with parents and does not want to go back to him but the processes of getting into the process of divorce is the handicap. If he would have been also willing to let her go, things could have been easier.*p*