What should you do if you REALLY like your crush?

Is it okay to try, by calling, texting, or asking out for a casual cup of coffee, or in order to not look clingy or like a chaser, keep the feelings to yourself and let go? Especially of the person you like doesn't seem too interested or is unapproachable?

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June 7, 2017


  1. I think if you really want to make something happen you wil eventually succeed. Trust me, it is not clingy at all. I think people will appreciate it. If not then I feel its high time you move ahead. I do not feel keeping feelings from others would really help you in the future beacuse there will be this feeling of regret that may gnaw at your heart always. So its better to go down with a fight isn't it. *p*

  2. I don't think giving up without trying is an option here. I think in these cases people should give it a go because they really have nothing to lose. If you are desperately wanting to be with somebody, just tell him/her. That is the way to go. You may well know that he/she might not be interested but you are not certain either. So that is the catch. That is why I think it is important to let your crush know that you are interested. Just try before giving up altogether. It may be yes or you will not have to regret about it later.*p*

  3. Ouch, it's seriously tricky terrain! I think it's okay to try once and give subtle, very subtle hints that he is more than a crush. But boy oh boy, if you don't get the signal back, then back off! It may kill you inside but the feelings will pass. Why embarrass yourself and him? *p*

  4. I think you should tell the opposite person how you feel.He may not reciprocate or you may not end up with him, but you wouldn't have to live with a'what if' for the rest of your life. You two can become good friends and have a laugh about it too. *p*