What will it take for the warrior goddess to RISE??

My heart breaks every time a woman says she cannot move out (for her own desires / soul growth) because her husband won’t allow or there is too much physical or verbal abuse….
No matter what I say or counsel, unless she herself decides to put an end to this and until she stops living in fear herself, no one can change the situation, but she….
We have to learn to outgrow fear (no matter what the reason may be), learn to own our power and stand tall for ourselves.
Support can come. But we have to take the first step.
How long will we keep living in fear??
The sad part is that some of them are educated, financially independent woman or have been financially independent in the past.

What will it take for the warrior goddess to RISE??

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Tuli Banerjee
August 6, 2017


  1. The warrior Goddess will rise only when she is sure and decides that her husband is no good than Mahishasur!
    In marriage the girl is enslaved in such a way in her husbands home that soon she suffers from the Stockholm syndrome. She has to break the shackles by learning her strength and eventually RISE.

  2. Thats a powerful thought. I do not know what it takes, every Goddess to rise, because, each one comes with a different set of stops and barriers. Sometimes she is bound by her own thoughts and yes, fear is a big big big factor.
    I think, when our conditioning about love, marriage and relationships change, a huge change will happen. Right now, parents do not support such decisions, how ever educated and independent she may be, they will want the daughter to stick on and adjust and try to be a better human being. But God only knows, how much she tries, but she cant love the man in the marriage, then what?? Yes, she should take the step, but but but.. oh such a big Butt … (Pun intended)
    The Goddess will rise, when,
    she decides, she wants to live her dream life
    she makes a choice of putting herself first
    she overcomes her own monkey minds, that plays tricks on her
    when she rises above self-doubt and assures her soul, that she is enough
    when she cries, wipes her tears and still moves on..
    when she is raised in a way that she belives what she thinks is RIGHT..
    when she tells herself,, “Me first”

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